Dreams of Luisa Special!

Hi Fans!

I’m proud to announce the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special Edition:

UPDATE: The Special Edition is ready! Get it on sexxiporn.com >>>

sexxi_dreams-of-luisa_frontpageThis edition was made to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Dreams of Luisa story with the fans. And i can promise you, it’s absolutely superb! Just look at the topics on the cover and imagine that it’s only an excerpt of the content. If you’re not already a DoL Fan, this SEXXI issue will make you become one.

The release date isn’t set yet, due to technical stuff that needs to be done first. For a better description visit mxm-studios.com and read this post.

Lesbenfest 2

Susana, Britt and Megan are on a weekend trip and get arrested for nude bathing. They have no idea that the police officers Sahra and Ani are naughty lesbians as well. When the sexy shoplifter Rena gets arrested too, everything falls into place.

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Luisa and the Wicked Game!

The new Dreams of Luisa comic finally has been released on dreamsofluisa.com!

It’s a PDF ebook and the download is free. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your copy!

Luisa and the Wicked Game

There is also a German version available here.

Also enjoy the relaunched website dreamsofluisa.com that holds much information about the new story. If you’re new to Luisa’s continuing story, also download the predecessor ‘White Angel’.


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