Luisa and the Wicked Game!

The new Dreams of Luisa comic finally has been released on!

It’s a PDF ebook and the download is free. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your copy!

Luisa and the Wicked Game

There is also a German version available here.

Also enjoy the relaunched website that holds much information about the new story. If you’re new to Luisa’s continuing story, also download the predecessor ‘White Angel’.


Agent Assfuck

Agent Assfuck!

Please watch the slide show fullsize!

or view as gallery:


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Demon Hunter Calendar 2014!

Free PDF Erotic Calendar Download

To celebrate Christmas, our new layout, the year 2014 and everything, Lina Jo Angel put on her Laura Crest outfit again to shoot 13 hot pics for the Demon Hunter Calendar 2014!

This is also a big thanks to all the Demon Hunter Fans who made this fanfiction comic such a huge success (DH2 has been downloaded many thousand times and is the most popular story on clublena).

Download: Demon Hunter Calendar

Facelifting soon!

Hi lovers!

UPDATE: The new layout is now on! Hope you like it. There still will be some fine-tuning after Christmas…

After more than 2 years with the same design it’s time to get a face lift. We are also preparing to give the club a higher/better update rate in the future and working on many new stories right now.

One of the next stories is called “Agent Assfuck” and will arrive very soon. I wonder what it will be about… :)

Also, it’s Christmas, so you can look forward to get a nice gift: The DEMON HUNTER CALENDAR ’14 is already finished and waiting for its release on December 25!

The calendar is another one of MaXsiM’s masterpieces and features adventure girl Lina Jo Angel aka Lady Laura Crest in 13 beautifully hot motives. Here’s the cover:

laura crest calendar preview_small

Wow! The calendar is a must-be for all fans of erotic Lara Croft, um… Laura Crest fanfiction. Of course, for adults only!

Look forward to the Demon Hunter Calendar, the new and…

…have a horny Christmas!


PS: In case you find broken or messed up during the next few days, we’re only testing and fooling around with the layout and content ;)



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