Luisa B. Poster!

LuisaB_01_poster_coming_soonYeah, this is the new poster, promoting my upcoming story Luisa B.!

I believe you guys would luv to see a little bit more of my precious body, but for now i can only promise that you will see everything in the final story. Isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to?

“Best Friends” is the title of this part which will hopefully be the first of many new episodes. Next to me the cute Breana Kox will appear as my (Luisa’s) sister Sybil, and the wonderful Natalie Silver will also be on board as Roxy Hart. I can tell you, we three girls rock!

The new MXMD Media Display is almost done and it’s an asskicking new way to enjoy my stories! Remember the old times when we used to have those clumsy Flash files to add interactivity? The MXMD brings back the interactivity and special features – but without the stress! It runs right in your browser, no plugins, no installation needed, what’s really cool.

My producer also told me that there’s a chance to have a piece of music or soundtrack, but that’s still work in progress.

Check out the progress bar on! It moves slowly but constantly. The most heavy tasks are:

  • the final programming of the MXMD
  • finishing text and translations
  • relaunch of and this site here,  Let’s make a new start and let’s make it right.

So, while MaXsiM is working his ass off, i’m going to enjoy an lazy afternoon in the sun :)

Hope you’re doing fine as well!


Lena Luv 2015: Proud Gypsy Queen!

…and here she is, the eraXXX version of Lena Luv!

This is the official presentation of the new unique high resolution 3D model of Lena Luv 2015. For more technical specs and information about eraXXX, visit and our other sister sites.

For now let us concentrate on the main thing, the naked truth :)

In this wonderful photo series Lena is a proud Gypsy Queen who enjoys the first warm sun beams of early spring that illume the lonely outpost and heat up Lena’s blood…

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Dreams of Luisa Special!

Hi Fans!

I’m proud to announce the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special Edition:

The Special Edition is ready!
Get it on or >>>

sexxi_dreams-of-luisa_frontpageThis edition was made to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Dreams of Luisa story with the fans. And i can promise you, it’s absolutely superb! Just look at the topics on the cover and imagine that it’s only an excerpt of the content. If you’re not already a DoL Fan, this SEXXI issue will make you become one.

The release date isn’t set yet, due to technical stuff that needs to be done first. For a better description visit and read this post.

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