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Luv Letter: Taken by Strangers!

When Lena is on a sightseeing walk through a strange town she loses orientation and can’t find back to her hotel.

Even worse, Lena feels terribly horny and thirsty. But then she sees burning light in a backyard garage. Could she ask for some help?

Be cautious: This Luv Letter features extreme pissing sex. No cute sheeps here!

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Luv Letter 3: Midnight Lover!

Lena has written another love letter for you. This time she is waiting for her midnight lover who will soon appear out of the dark to please her.

Don’t miss this wonderful, sensitive and lovely love story! It was directed by Lena Luv herself and you won’t see pictures like these in “normal” porn.

“Midnight Lover” is a present for our female visitors but we’re sure the guys will love it as well. And now enjoy!

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Luv Letter: Fit For SEX!

Enjoy Lena Luv’s second Luv Letter, featuring “Fresh Faces” winner Megana, lucky guy Pete and of course Lena herself!

Meet Lena in her Fitness club and learn that she’s not going there for sports but to rip up sexy women – and for some dirty anal action…

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