Dreams of Luisa

The famous machinima sex series – original episodes!

UPDATE: Check out the latest Episode “Luisa and the Wicked Game“! Made with Sexvilla, no flash player required.

Dreams of Luisa is a continuing machinima sex story with a years long history. The epic erotic comic quickly became very famous in the worldwide “game-sex” scene. Today, Luisa Blacksmith still has got thousands of fans all around the globe.

Due to technical and personal difficulties the original project was canceled in 2010, its original site dreamsofluisa.com was overtaken by clublena.com. But after the big success of the video series “Luisa’s Sex Tapes” there are plans to create new DoL episodes, featuring next generation characters and a PDF-comic format. More info soon…

This page gives an overview of all Dreams of Luisa Episodes with links to the original interactive picture shows (flash player required).

Vintage Years!

The early chapters. Get to know more about Luisa. It’s a lovely trip back in time when posing/modding tools didn’t exist for that game. Everything is photo manipulation.

Dreams of Luisa – Chapter 1 – Time of Waiting

Dreams of Luisa – Chapter 2 – The Chamber

Dreams of Luisa – Chapter 3 – Naughty Neighbors

Dreams of Luisa – Chapter 4 – Luisa 4sake

Dreams of Luisa 5 – Carnal Cure!

A series of 8 episodes. Complex storyline with many characters and better detailed sex scenes.

Episode 1 – Welcome to Cabo Drago

Episode 2 – Backdoor Visitors

Episode 3 – Lustful Treatment

Episode 4 – Friends in Need

Episode 5 – The Dragon’s Secret

Episode 6 – Family Affairs

Episode 7 – Kinky Ways of Truth

Episode 8 – Acts of Desire

Dreams of Luisa 6 – Luisa and the Elfish Spell!

A spectacular fantasy story with luxury environment and a fascinating story line. Long and stunning sex scenes.

Unfortunately the Elfish Spell Sequel was canceled after 4 of planned 8 episodes. Episode 5 was called “Metamorphosis” but could not be finished as well.

Elfish Spell 1 – The Traveler’s Stone

Elfish Spell 2 – White Nightmare

Elfish Spell 3 – Lavender Grove

Elfish Spell 4 – The Return

Dreams of Luisa revived!

Part 1: Luisa and the White Angel (zip/pdf) Downloads: English / German

Luisa’s Sex Tapes!

Short movies that feature some next generation characters and a unique music soundtrack. These clips are pretty successful due to their awesomeness 🙂

LST 1 – Hot for Teacher

LST 2 – Farmer’s Daughter

LST 3 – Sticky Lunchbreak


In Dreams of Luisa you have the story characters and their “real” performers, who just play a role. This is some kind of doubled virtual reality! Cool, eh?

Here are a few examples:

  • Lena Luv plays Luisa Blacksmith
  • Breana Kox plays Sybil Blacksmith
  • Vera Ricardo plays Vanessa Richardson

just to name a few.

It took about one or two days to create the very first episode “Time of Waiting”, but about 3 or 4 months to create only a single episode of “Elfish Spell”.

Until now, Luisa had sex with… well… many people and one elf 🙂

Yes! Luisa really loves to have sex with her younger sister Sybil. And Sybil loves to have sex with her older sister Luisa. Frequently.

The Vintage Years were created in a time when modding and posing tools didn’t exist. Everything’s photo editing and it really wasn’t fun.

Except for Chapter 1 there’s always the story that comes before the pics. That’s why “Elfish Spell” was announced to be 8 episodes long.

MaXsiM really thinks he is in love with his characters. Really weird guy he is.

Yes, a new episode in always under production.

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