Luisa’s Sex Tapes – Part 1 – Hot for teacher!

Luisa has an awesome erotic dream. She’s back in school where the teacher wants to see her after class. The rigorous biology teacher is going to punish Luisa for her blabbermouth and dirty jokes she made in class. And Tracy takes the chance to intensify her biology studies as well…

Sit back, relax and enjoy the 6min long opener of “Luisa’s Sex Tapes”!

Starring: Lena Luv (Luisa Blacksmith), Zelda (Tracy)

To be continued in “Farmer’s Daughter

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2 thoughts on “Luisa’s Sex Tapes – Part 1 – Hot for teacher!”

  1. finally the real reason for playing this game I tell you boy I got to do my studying you need to make a erotic animation tutioral cause thats where I am slow at but awesome vid if you can do this with this game I am in

  2. WOW… Hot!!! Why is there no moaning or screaming though? It seems like a lot of these sexvilla films lack sounds (aside from the music)for some reason. Grunts and moans arent part of the program or something? How sad!

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