Luv Letter: Taken by Strangers!

When Lena is on a sightseeing walk through a strange town she loses orientation and can’t find back to her hotel.

Even worse, Lena feels terribly horny and thirsty. But then she sees burning light in a backyard garage. Could she ask for some help?

Be cautious: This Luv Letter features extreme pissing sex. No cute sheeps here!

Lena Luv extremely taken by strangers!

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2 thoughts on “Luv Letter: Taken by Strangers!”

  1. Hi it’s my first time that i see your site and it’s amazing and i love dirty story like luv letter tak by strangers it good,please i want another story from a monster fuck a hot girl and im waiting thanks

    1. Hi Kamran! Thanks for your word, i appreciate it. There is more dirty sex in the pipeline, cuming soon. I like monstersex as well, so let me see what the future will bring. I recommend viewing “Demon Hunter”, it has many fantasy element in it. Thank you so far, have a great time 😉

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