Spotlight: Megana!

Here she is, the winner of the Fresh Faces Contest in her first featured gallery!


Don’t miss to view Megana in the Spotlight and read more about her personality…

Megana talks to Lena!

Hi Meg! Congratulations for winning the Fresh Faces Poll!

Thank you, Lena. And most of all, thank you, fans of mxm and clublena! I’m so proud that i have won! It’s a wonderful pleasure.

Please tell my visitors something more about you. Where are you from? Describe yourself a bit…

Well, i’m from France and 21 years old. I think i’m a very friendly person, i love sex and i love to give. It didn’t take long to decide when your scout offered me a job in the porn biz…

You’ve been working as a bartender, is that right?

Yes, but i was tired of it. Shooting porn is much more exciting! But i was getting really scared when i heard that i should join a lesbian orgy! Normally i’m a straight cock lover.

Oh, i see! So the shooting of Lesbian Fest must have been a torture for you!

Hahaha, not at all! It was such a horny situation with all the other beautiful pussies around! I didn’t have experiences with girls but it just worked fine – I would make lesbian sex any time again.

You’ll get your chance. You already got an invitation to my next Luv Letter shooting.

Yes, that’s fantastic, i can’t wait!

What do you think are your sexiest attributes?

Oh, that’s a hard question. Let me think… Well, i think many guys love girls with glasses… but they may love my tight and stiff titties even more! My nipples really stand up high and i swear they are natural. What else… Ah, i’ve read your Lewdest Look Poll and then shaved my pussy for the new shootings, since clublena lovers seem to love shiny pussies.

Megana, thank you for the interview. Now lets have a look at your pussy and tits in your spotlight…

Fine, i hope people will have that much fun like i had while shooting…

Spotlight Gallery: Fresh Faces Winner and Lesbian Fest Star Megana!

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