Spotlight: Vera Ricardo!

One of the “Dreams of Luisa” main characters stands in the spotlight…

Hi Vera! I don’t think i must introduce you since you were playing Vanessa Richardson in the “DoL”-Series.

Vera: Oh yeah, this was a fantastic role.

Are you sad that the successful “Dreams of Luisa” epos won’t be continued?

Vera: Absolutely yes. But i do hope that Vanessa will appear again, in Luisa’s Sex Tapes… I think it would also be very nice to reproduce some of the most epic scenes with the new technology. Just for fun and to please the fans.

Vanessa is a more or less strict lesbian. Is Vera Ricardo a lesbian as well?

Vera: I love both, but prefer girls. Well, i can fall in love with girls but need men for the part that includes really dirty sex.

Do you live in a relationship?

Vera: No. Mainly because it’s difficult to find a tolerant partner when you’re a porn star. Maybe i should ask Lena if she wants to marry me but i don’t believe she would say yes 🙂

I also declared myself to her… and got dumbed.

Vera: What, really? I didn’t know that. You’re full of secrets.

Yes, i am… But now tell me about the secrets you’re going to show in the spotlight.

Vera: It’s quite simple: I’m a naughty bitch! It’s really different to my Van Richardson role. Vanessa is always nice, beautifully dressed and charming. But in this spotlight i am really dirty! Sucking and fucking a big black cock through a glory hole. I like it.

I like the photos as well. And the golden shower you’ll get in the end.

Vera: It’s cool that this is the first pee you can see in the next generation stories. I’m a bit proud of it.

Did you enjoy the shooting and what are your plans for the future?

Vera: I always enjoy shootings not matter if guys are pissing on me or not. When i agree to a storyline, i really want it and don’t back out. I can’t tell you much about the future except that there are secret plans and that i have signed a contract for 2012. So expect to see me again.

Thank you, Vera. Now let’s view your spotlight:

Spotlight: Vera Ricardo (slideshow):


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  1. Wow.. sehr heisse Bilder!
    Vor allem die vom “Glory Hole”!!

    Ich bin richtig eifersüchtig auf Vera, das war sicher mehr als geil!!!!

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