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Demon Hunter 2!

Laura Crest in the Fangs of the Harpy!

The second episode of the adventure girl porn Demon Hunter (feat. Lina Jo Angel as Laura Crest) is finally here!

Join Lady Crest on her dangerous trip to Transylvania where some really nasty things are about to happen.

Download the free PDF  here!


English: Demon Hunter 2_EN.zip (52MB)

Deutsch: Demon Hunter 2_DE.zip (52MB)

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Spotlight: Vera Ricardo!

One of the “Dreams of Luisa” main characters stands in the spotlight…

Hi Vera! I don’t think i must introduce you since you were playing Vanessa Richardson in the “DoL”-Series.

Vera: Oh yeah, this was a fantastic role.

Are you sad that the successful “Dreams of Luisa” epos won’t be continued?

Vera: Absolutely yes. But i do hope that Vanessa will appear again, in Luisa’s Sex Tapes… I think it would also be very nice to reproduce some of the most epic scenes with the new technology. Just for fun and to please the fans.

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