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Have a sexy Christmas!

Here’s a sexy Christmas greeting card for all clublena.com fans! Have wonderful Holidays and make sure to come back for “Demon Hunter – Part 1“, that’s going to be released on December 25.

Also look forward to the clublena HR model calendar 2012 PDF-Download that is coming shortly before new years eve. It contains hot photos of all 11/12 clublena models and you can believe me when i say that it really is eye-catching. It’s hard to find such high quality work on the “market”.

So, have a peaceful time full of love! See you soon 😉


Quicky: Kinky Girlies!

This is the start of a new series, featuring very short but nonetheless mega hot porn stories…

The concept is to tell a naughty story in only 8 pics and without any dialogs or describing text. So it’s clear that the sex action starts soon, just use your imagination and add your personal storyline.

The first “Quicky” features Breana Kox and Christina who are really kinky girlies!

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Christina caught in the act!

A porn story, exclusively certified by the real Christina!

Christina K. is a  24 old woman from an eastern European country (sorry, but she’s in a relationship) and a long time supporter of MXM productions, a dedicated fan of all things Lena Luv and a very good friend.

So it was obvious to recreate her with SexVilla and let her avatar act in a porn story. You already have seen Christina in the very successful Lesbian Fest picture story.

Though it is never possible to create an avatar in SV that is 100% equally looking to the original person, Christina was really surprised when she first saw her virtual look-alike!

Here’s what she said: “Wow, Wow, Wow! (Screaming:)) It is so alike me!!! Good work!”

BTW, Christina saw the naked model, so even her tits seem to be pretty close to the original 🙂

So, my dear Christina, here’s your story…

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