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The new Dreams of Luisa!

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The Dreams of Luisa series has been transformed into Luisa B., an online 3D comic with interactivity just like in the good old times. You only need your browser and a few seconds to register at Luisa3D.com. Believe it or not, but it’s entirely free like always.

In the future you will see more new models being featured here on clublena.com, but for now jump over to view the Luisa B. 3D porn comic for free! If you really can’t wait, go directly to the join page.

Luisa and the Wicked Game!

The new Dreams of Luisa comic finally has been released on dreamsofluisa.com!

It’s a PDF ebook and the download is free. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your copy!

Luisa and the Wicked Game

There is also a German version available here.

Also enjoy the relaunched website dreamsofluisa.com that holds much information about the new story. If you’re new to Luisa’s continuing story, also download the predecessor ‘White Angel’.


Released: Luisa and the White Angel!

Luisa Blacksmith and her naughty friends (and family) are back! Get the new “Dreams of Luisa”-SexComic now!

Available in both, English and German language, you can now download the probably hottest PDF-eBook you can imagine. It’s not only hot, it’s also funny, tasteful, exciting – and original.

Oh, you already own digital erotic comic books? Great, because “Luisa and the White Angel” will be the true emerald in between all that crap in your illegal torrent collection 🙂

It’s MaXsiM’s new masterpiece! Like always, nobody else ever created such a fantastic piece of erotic 3D art! Not even with SexVilla. And it’s free.

You know what? There’s not more to say. Just download the porn-pdf on dreamsofluisa.com

or simply here:

Dreams of Luisa – revived 1 – Luisa and the White Angel (English)

Dreams of Luisa – revived 1 – Luisa und der weiße Engel (Deutsch)