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Demon Hunter 2!

Laura Crest in the Fangs of the Harpy!

The second episode of the adventure girl porn Demon Hunter (feat. Lina Jo Angel as Laura Crest) is finally here!

Join Lady Crest on her dangerous trip to Transylvania where some really nasty things are about to happen.

Download the free PDF  here!


English: Demon Hunter 2_EN.zip (52MB)

Deutsch: Demon Hunter 2_DE.zip (52MB)

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Demon Hunter 2 – first Poster released!

If you’re a reader of the Sexvilla Fanmag SEXXI (now in English on sexxiporn.com) (German version here) you probably have noticed a brand new Demon Hunter poster in the latest issue.

There it is, on page 10, the first official poster of “Laura Crest in the Fangs of the Harpy”, the second porn comic that features Lina Jo Angel as Demon Hunter Laura Crest.

It’s also displayed on mxm-studios.com, but since the story will be released here on clublena.com, we show you the poster as well:

Demon Hunter 2 - Coming Soon!

This time Lady Laura Crest and her technician Zick are on their way to Transylvania to find out the truth about an abandoned Village – and hopefully an awful demon to fuck with.

“In the fangs of the harpy” can be expected in January, in English and German versions.

Part 2: Demon Hunter – Laura Crest And The Temple Of The Satyr!

The second (and last) part of the stunning fantasy sex adventure story!

In case you’ve missed it, the first part of “Demon Hunter” can be seen here >>>

The demonic satyr is going to catch Laura’s assistant Zick. That’s the adventure girl’s chance to run away!

But hiding somewhere in a dark corner is not Laura Crest’s style. She’s ready to fight with all her sexy weapons…

Will Laura manage to steal the artefact from the demon? Will she be able to find and release Zick and return to the boat?

See by yourself in part 2:

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