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Check out the new Luisa B. Porn Comic!

Hi friends, i know it’s very silent here in the Club, but as you might know, i am very busy shooting the Luisa B. Episodes.

We just finished Part 3 which is really perverted. No taboos!


It was a pleasure working with Lexi Sin and Priscilla. Of course, Breana Kox is also back, bringing Rachel with her for some hot action…

Go on and join Luisa3D.com for all the good naughty stuff! It’s totally free, can you believe that? But it’s true, check it out.

Make sure to get all the awards by leaving a comment, joining the survey and alike. This will activate bonus content and downloads for you!

Many of my visitors love PDF porn comics, so take care: You can get the first two Luisa B. Episodes as well as the Demon Hunter Comics for free on Luisa3D.com as well. Of course, as PDF download.

Enjoy the new episode ‘Blind Trust’ and share and like and tweet and what not. Have a great time!


Lena’s LB2 Release Note!

Hello my friends!

Long time no hear, i know! But i was so busy with the new Luisa B. episode Morning Boner… oops, sorry! Morning FEVER! Such a Freud’ian slip 🙂

The story was released only a few days ago and many of my fans have already seen it. Well, in special, they have seen ME getting double-banged by two guys in the lonely woodland. Shooting was so hot! Here, look at this outtake:

Luisa B. Morning Fever Outtake

It’s quite challenging to smile nicely into the camera while two stallions are working their way up your butt and pussy, and you’re in orgasmic pleasure…

I really hope you want to see the whole scene now! Just join Luisa3D.com for free and enjoy the new episode. It also contains naughty sex scenes with Breana Kox and Anny Lee. Don’t miss it.

See you soon,


The new Dreams of Luisa!

Roxana Poster Promo

The Dreams of Luisa series has been transformed into Luisa B., an online 3D comic with interactivity just like in the good old times. You only need your browser and a few seconds to register at Luisa3D.com. Believe it or not, but it’s entirely free like always.

In the future you will see more new models being featured here on clublena.com, but for now jump over to view the Luisa B. 3D porn comic for free! If you really can’t wait, go directly to the join page.

Luisa B. Release Date!

Hi guys and gals!

I’m still in the studio, doing naughty shootings for the Luisa B. bonus content and the new dedicated website Luisa3D.com.

But i can’t hold back these hot news, MaXsiM finally rolled out a release date for the new story:

LuisaB_01_poster_release_1000Look at the 3D-ish revamped Breana Kox and Nat Silver! Aren’t they super pretty and hot? We’re not showing you too much on this poster, but wait for the final story – it’s gonna blow your mind :p

Alright, see you here and on the new site (also goes online May 8), don’t be too shy to leave a comment 😉

LL <3