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Christina caught in the act!

A porn story, exclusively certified by the real Christina!

Christina K. is a  24 old woman from an eastern European country (sorry, but she’s in a relationship) and a long time supporter of MXM productions, a dedicated fan of all things Lena Luv and a very good friend.

So it was obvious to recreate her with SexVilla and let her avatar act in a porn story. You already have seen Christina in the very successful Lesbian Fest picture story.

Though it is never possible to create an avatar in SV that is 100% equally looking to the original person, Christina was really surprised when she first saw her virtual look-alike!

Here’s what she said: “Wow, Wow, Wow! (Screaming:)) It is so alike me!!! Good work!”

BTW, Christina saw the naked model, so even her tits seem to be pretty close to the original 🙂

So, my dear Christina, here’s your story…

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