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Demon Hunter Calendar 2014!

Free PDF Erotic Calendar Download

To celebrate Christmas, our new layout, the year 2014 and everything, Lina Jo Angel put on her Laura Crest outfit again to shoot 13 hot pics for the Demon Hunter Calendar 2014!

This is also a big thanks to all the Demon Hunter Fans who made this fanfiction comic such a huge success (DH2 has been downloaded many thousand times and is the most popular story on clublena).

Download: Demon Hunter Calendar 2014.zip

Is it sexy? No, it is SEXXI!

The SEXXI magazine is another high quality release made by MaXsiM.

If you like clublena and its unique style of virtual pornography, SEXXI is a must-have!

The fourth issue has just been released on SEXXIporn.com, don’t miss to bookmark that site. If you don’t have time to waste, you can download issue 4 here >>>

Most interesting this time: The fabulous Lena Luv – clublena.com host and “Dreams of Luisa” superstar -  is featured with an interview and some nice photos.

Also look forward to a new story that will be released here on clublena.com in a few days :)

PS: Fans from Germany can download German versions of SEXXI on sexvillafan.tumblr.com

Released: Luisa and the White Angel!

Luisa Blacksmith and her naughty friends (and family) are back! Get the new “Dreams of Luisa”-SexComic now!

Available in both, English and German language, you can now download the probably hottest PDF-eBook you can imagine. It’s not only hot, it’s also funny, tasteful, exciting – and original.

Oh, you already own digital erotic comic books? Great, because “Luisa and the White Angel” will be the true emerald in between all that crap in your illegal torrent collection :)

It’s MaXsiM’s new masterpiece! Like always, nobody else ever created such a fantastic piece of erotic 3D art! Not even with SexVilla. And it’s free.

You know what? There’s not more to say. Just download the porn-pdf on dreamsofluisa.com

or simply here:

Dreams of Luisa – revived 1 – Luisa and the White Angel (English)

Dreams of Luisa – revived 1 – Luisa und der weiße Engel (Deutsch)