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Introducing: Slideshows!

I’ve added a new feature to clublena.com today: All galleries can now be viewed as slideshows!

All of our wonderful galleries are photo stories with images in a specific order, just like in a comic book. You don’t read the last page first and then the rest of a book backwards, do you?

If you want to get the whole thing and view our galleries in the way they were meant to be, then you want to view photo after photo. Just forget about quickies and “porn to go” and enjoy the full clublena experience 😉

Slideshows are a cool way to do so, especially when you are on a small screen. Unfortunately the slideshow feature isn’t able to show full size pics, but like i’ve said, our full size pics may be to large for many of our visitors anyway…

If you want to get the full size photos you can still use the normal way, click on the first pic of any story and then navigate for- and backwards with the arrows.

How ever, there’s just an option more to choose from and i hope you like it.

Have Fun 😉

BTW, please always use latest up-to-date browsers! Firefox 3+, latest Chrome, Safari and Ferrari XXX Turbo 🙂 Don’t use Internet Explorer and never ever in your life use IE6. Okay? Thank you.